Sea 100 Blueberry Menthol 4 Pods


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Sea Pods Blueberry Menthol, a special blend that amalgamates the fruity essence of the blueberry together with a mountain fresh minty flavor that rushes through the palate like an avalanche down a snowy mountain. So, what is it exactly like to puff on a delectable concoction, which combines blueberry flavors with menthol? Perhaps we should take into consideration the pungent, sharp flavors presented to our palate by the berry itself to start with. It’s tarty, piquant taste will merge into the minty freshness to create the ultimate bouquet of revitalizing flavors that are hard to beat by any leading competitors.

Package contents:

Sea Pods Blueberry Menthol 4Ct – JUUL Compatible Pods

Each Sea 100 Pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 5% salt nic by weight

Price Per Pod: $1.99

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 This flavored product is restricted by the FDA and is not available for purchase.


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