Puff Mango Ice 4 Pods


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Package contents:

Puff Mango Ice 4 Pods

Each Puff pod contains:

1mL of eJuice with 5% nicotine by weight

PUFF Pods Mango Ice Features:

  • JUUL Compatible Pods
  • 1ml flavored eJuice per pod
  • Nicotine salt formula
  • Pack of four

Life is all about transcending your sensual comfort zones, and PUFF Pods compatible believes that their Mango Ice are the secret ingredient to eclipsing normality. The mango ice  blend is not simply juice filled with an artificial flavor designed to mimic the fruit while minimizing its most outstanding qualities. This blend serves as the real deal in the art of pure emulation of the tropical fruit, mirroring its every single luscious, succulent attribute in order to deliver a magnificent profile of taste in the form of the richest vapors that only one’s most creative imagination could pursue after. This medium bodied goodness imparts a rich, sweet taste of natural pulpiness from the beginning to the end of the vaping session. This blend truly is the classic redefinition on the consumption of fruity desserts.


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