Plus Pods Iced Grape Pack of 4


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Package contents:

Plus Pods Iced Grape – 4 JUUL Compatible Pods

Each Plus Pods contains 1mL of eJuice with 6% salt nic by weight.


Plus Pods Iced Grape Features:

  • JUUL-compatible pods
  • 1ml pods
  • 6% salt nic eJuice
  • Pack of four

What about a nicely refreshing sensation of sweetness to put a highlight on your day? This fine tuned recipe pairs the sweet essence of the grape with a winter-fresh icy mix that springs the senses to awakening. This medium-strong bodied goodness is good enough to quench all of your nicotine cravings at once. Puff after puff, sensual bliss will take over your mind and your brain will redefine its perspective on the art of vaping forever.


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