Eonsmoke Watermelon JUUL Compatible Pods – 4 Pack



Eonsmoke Watermelon JUUL Compatible Pods – 4 Pack


Buy Eonsmoke Watermelon JUUL Compatible Pods

Eonsmoke Watermelon Juul Compatible Pods a refreshing watermelon flavor now available in a convenient, disposable pod cartridge,
brought to you by eonsmoke for your vaping pleasure. Enjoy up to 300 juicy puffs per cartridge with your eonsmoke or JUUL vaporizer.
Also, E-liquid has a classic refreshing blend of watermelon crafted to perfection. The extensive collection of Mr. Salt-E caters towards a
nicotine-salt based experience with higher nicotine hits that can be managed by a lower-wattage and pod-based system.

About Watermelon Pods.

Firstly,1 Pod contains: 1 mL of 6% Salt Nicotine liquid

Secondly, 1 Pod is equivalent to ~1 cigarette pack

Each pack includes 4 pods of delicious flavors.


To begin with, the ingredients include Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Benzoic Acid, Salt Derived Nicotine and Flavor

Buy Eonsmoke Watermelon JUUL Compatible Pods

This Dispensary has sat down and brought the best of juul pods. Thus, considering the amount of fake products it is to your own benefit
to buy from our dispensary to ensure you gain maximum satisfaction. We have all the answers you deserve. Place an order and before
you realize you will have a whole mood change. We also offer free shipping to our consumers so do not be scared.


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