Eonsmoke Menthol JUUL Compatible Pods – 4 Pack



Eonsmoke Menthol JUUL Compatible Pods – 4 Pack

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Eonsmoke Menthol juul are a classically refreshing brand of menthol vapes which literally make you have a change in taste. The smooth
and stimulating menthol flavor will satisfy your senses with every puff. Firstly, each pod is pre-filled with 6% salt nicotine. Just pop it into
your Eon V2 Device and you’re ready to vape.

Nowadays, people turn to ,misinterpret mint juul pods for menthol juul. They are quite similar but have a slight difference. Mint pod have a
crisp flavor with a soothing taste after consumption, while menthol juul has gets the menthol flavor with a brisk finish. In addition, people
get lost and they cant differentiate between fake pods and real ones. That is quite simple, the fake juul pods packaging has 4 dots on the
top while the real Juul pod has its own company’s logo. Furthermore, fake Juul pods have harsh oil and e-juices. Their caps are brightly
colored. For a sample, one flavor has an orange cap, wherein the real Juul pod there is yellow-orange.

Eonsmoke Menthol Juul For Sale

This Store has a valor for its excellent product. We have the best strains at an affordable price so you literally have the best at the lowest
possible cost. Also, with the situation of people needing the product immediately, we have an extremely fast delivery service at your
service. As if that is not enough, our shipping services are for free, absolutely no cost.


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